Timing release – this week

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Timing Kindle cover
Timing Kindle cover

I don’t suppose it will be a surprise to regular readers that Timing is to be released this week!

It is available on world-wide Amazon stores, for example

The Kindle version comes out on Friday, and the paperback version at pretty much the same time, depending on the Amazon process for printing and distributing copies. Along with that there are samples available in Kindle, epub and pdf format at

  • Kindle mobi sample (http://www.kephrath.com/download.aspx?index=16)
  • ePub sample (http://www.kephrath.com/download.aspx?index=17)
  • PDF sample (https://issuu.com/mattehpublications/docs/timing_sample)

So what is Timing about? It starts with Mitnash and Slate sitting in the Frag Rockers Bar on the asteroid Bryher, a place which features prominently in Far from the Spaceports. They have just arrived back from one of Jupiter’s moons, having had a frustrating time there trying to resolve a scam. Back on Bryher, they hear two pieces of news which are more urgent. A new activist group called Robin’s Rebels has started distributing propaganda, and a former adversary has been reported dead. Is there a connection?

Timing is a blend of near-future science fiction, financial crime, human-AI relationships, set amongst a quirky collection of habitats around the solar system.

A selection of author readings is becoming available – the first is available on YouTube (link), Daily Motion (link) and Vimeo (link). The web page isn’t quite ready yet (link) but the blog page is pretty much there (link). Phew…

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