Far from the Spaceports

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Some review comments

  • Breakfast with Pandora: “…a splendid good read… possibly the best thing the author has done to date…”
  • The New Podler Review of Books: “Far from the Spaceports is a delightful read. Abbott’s characters are very personable and make for good companions as he carries us to a promising future…”
  • Sruti’s BookBlog: “…the awesome set up… keeping in touch with the subtle ways of humans, way into the future…”
  • The Wishing Shelf Book Awards: “…A superb sci-fi thriller with excellent pacing and characters…”
  • Amazon.com: “…really well written, good characters, good world building, good story…”
  • Amazon.co.uk: “…brilliant and believable… the story just carries you along…”
  • Ian Grainger photography: “…believable futuristic technology… a futuristic crime thriller… a strong plot, which although set in space, has a grounding in the real world”
  • Before the Second Sleep blog: “…With likeable characters and bad guys readers can’t easily identify, believable futuristic technology, a well-balanced mix of drama and dry humor, and a very engaging and well-told storyline, it is a new take on detecting…”
  • Radio Scilly: “Scilly has been the setting for quite a few fiction books over the years, from swashbuckling historical yarns to bodice-ripping romantic tales. But the newest novel to feature the islands is quite literally ‘out of this world’….”



Wishing Shelf Book Awards Red Ribbon winner
Wishing Shelf Book Awards Red Ribbon winner
Alexa Far from the SpaceportsWebIcon
Alexa Far from the SpaceportsWebIcon

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Far from the Spaceports is a near-future science fiction novel. Mitnash Thakur and his virtual partner Slate, tackle hi-tech financial crime in deep space.

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Quick wits and loyalty confront high-tech crime in space

Welcome to the Scilly Isles, a handful of asteroids bunched together in space, well beyond the orbit of Mars. This remote and isolated habitat is home to a diverse group of human settlers, and a whole flock of parakeets. But earth-based financial regulator ECRB suspects that it’s also home to serious large scale fraud, and the reputation of the islands comes under threat.

Enter Mitnash Thakur and his virtual partner Slate, sent out from Earth to investigate. Their ECRB colleagues are several weeks away at their ship’s best speed, and even message signals take an hour for the round trip. Slate and Mitnash are on their own, until they can work out who on Scilly to trust. How will they cope when the threat gets personal?


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Far from the Spaceports cover
Far from the Spaceports cover

Publisher: Matteh Publications (November 23rd 2015)
ISBN: 978-0993-1684-4-4 (soft cover)
ISBN: 978-09931684-5-1 (ebook – kindle)

See http://www.kephrath.com for more options.

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Cover image © copyright by permission Ian Grainger www.iangrainger.co.uk.

Original Matteh Publications logo drawn by Jackie Morgan.

Asteroid surface textures on the book cover and promotional material make use of images made available in the public domain by NASA, and are hereby acknowledged. NASA does not endorse the content of this book. At the time of publication, the specific images used may be found at:

  • https://static.dvidshub.net/media/thumbs/photos/1210/734971/450x450_q95.jpg,
  • http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/images/galleries/PIA14894_br.jpg and
  • http://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/styles/full_width_feature/public/images/685735main_pia15678-43_full.jpg?itok=KE7lPOJq.


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