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2015 Book Reviews
Although I will not be posting so many reviews in full on my blog in 2015, I will still be posted reviews elsewhere, typically Amazon, Goodreads and Booklikes. The 2015 Reviews page will also track reviews I do for other sources, typically the Historical Novel Society ( and The Review Group (

2014 Reading Challenges
According to Goodreads, during 2014 I read 42 books, with a total of 11510 pages. 9 came out as 5*, 6 as 3*, and all the rest 4*. I’m not sure I trust the exactness of the figures but it’s a reasonable estimate! Just over half were historical fiction, about 1/6 each science fiction and fantasy, and the remaining few were a mixture of different genres.

In 2014 I signed up for 2 reading challenges:

  1. Historical fiction: Historical Tapestry 2014 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge (25 books)
  2. General fiction: The Mad Reviewer Reading and Reviewing Challenge 2014 (26 books)

Progress to date:
Historical Fiction: 24 books
General Fiction: 40 books (including historical)

Historical Tapestry 2014 Reading Challenge The Mad Reviewer 2014 Reading Challenge

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