Scenes From a Life

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Some review comments

  • “…a gentle, well-crafted novel…”
  • The Review Group: “…there is lovely description – evocative sentences or phrases that add so much to the atmosphere of the book.”
  • Breakfast with Pandora: “…assured, mature observation of people…”
  • Hoover Book Reviews: “…Full of emotional highs and lows…”
  • Historical Novel Society: “…the minute detail brings the story vividly to life…”

Scenes From a Life was a quarter-finalist in the 2014 ABNA competition.

ABNA 2014 Quarter-finalist - General Fiction

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Scenes From a Life is a follow-up novel to In a Milk and Honeyed Land. It is set around twenty years later and there is some overlap of characters. The book opens in Egypt, and we are introduced to Makty-Rasut, a scribe working on the tomb decorations of a senior priest. He lives just outside the town of Waset, which today we call Luxor.


What journey would you make to encounter the meaning of a dream?

Makty-Rasut is a scribe in New Kingdom Egypt, fashioning tombs for the elite. He lives a comfortable but restless life, moving every few years further upstream along the river Nile. He is content to exercise his talent without examining his origins.

Then a series of vivid dreams, interpreted with the help of a senior priest, disrupts this pattern. To solve the riddle, he must go on a journey that will take him outside the Beloved Land and away from the life that he knows. His travels take him into the neighbouring province of Canaan, to a hill-country village called Kephrath, and to a way of life he has never considered.


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Cover - Scenes From a Life
Scenes From a Life

Publisher: Matteh Publications (December 21st 2013)
ISBN: 978-0954-5535-9-3 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-0954-5535-7-9 (ebook – kindle)
ISBN: 978-0954-5535-8-6 (ebook – epub – to follow)

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