2017 Reviews


For 2017, like the last couple of years, I am not dividing books into separate category lists, but each review line will have a tag or two indicating what kind of book it is.

  • The Genius of Birds (5*)… Non-fiction
  • Golden Dragon… Alternate history / steampunk
  • The du Lac Chronicles (5*)… Historical fiction
  • The Unorthodox Engineers (4*)… Science fiction
  • The Songs of Chaos (The Portals, Book 1) (5*)… Fantasy
  • The Oak: A Grown Up Fairy Tale (5*)… Fantasy
  • The Patterns of Chaos (5*)… Science fiction
  • Pavane (4*)… Alternate history
  • The Last Great Naval War (4*)… Alternate history
  • The Mourning Ring (5*)… Discovering Diamonds review… Historical fiction, Fantasy
  • The Golem and the Djinni (5*)… Alternate history, fantasy
  • Observations during a tour to the Lakes of Lancashire, Westmoreland, and Cumberland (Ann Radcliffe, edited by Penny Bradshaw) (5*)… Travel writing, classic
  • Arkwright (3*)… Science fiction
  • Mariah’s Song (5*)… The Review Group review… Historical fiction, Fantasy
  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (5*)… Science fiction
  • The Lady of Shalott (5*)… Poetry, Classic
  • The Mysteries of Udolpho (4*)… Historical fiction, Classic
  • The Castle of Otranto (4*)… Historical fiction, Classic

Writing, ancient and modern