2016 Reviews

For 2016, like 2015, I am not dividing books into separate category lists, but each review line will have a tag or two indicating what kind of book it is.

The year’s summary: I read 52 books in the year, up 10 from 2015 (and conveniently one a week), but the page count was down very slightly. I guess I’m reading shorter books on average! Slightly disappointingly, there were very few books more than about 50 years old, with Kalidasa’s Recognition of Shakuntala the outstanding early text. For 2017, I have a target of reading more old stuff alongside the new. In 2016 there was also more of a spread of genres, with roughly equal proportions of historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction (aka “geeky”), contrasting with previous years where historical fiction has dominated.

Writing, both historical and speculative