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OK, the last few days have been a catch-up time. For one thing I have posted up four reviews of books I read while away travelling. The simplest way to find them all is to go to and check out the most recent four items. There you will find a quick summary of them. Or you can go to each of Amazon, Goodreads and Shelfari and read the full versions.

The books were:

  1. The Patterns of Chaos, by Colin Kapp – an old science-fiction book I rediscovered,
  2. If Only You Knew, by Anastasia Abboud – a contemporary romance which I enjoyed for the centrally-important cross-cultural aspects,
  3. Skater in a Strange Land, by David Frauenfelder – a sort of cross-over science-fiction / fantasy book that mostly defies description but kept me reading avidly to the end, and
  4. The Ghost Bride, by Yangsze Choo – another cross-over, this time between historical fiction (1890s Malaya) and fantasy.

In just a day or so In a Milk and Honeyed Land is taking part in the oddly-named Summer Sizzle book tour – odd because over here at least the temperature has fallen well below sizzling! But check out the following link:
There’s quite a schedule of blogs, reviews and what-have-you to follow over the next couple of months, with several events just in the next week. I’m sure there will be something for everyone in all of that.

There’s more to post on other subjects too, but that can wait for another day!


3 thoughts on “Catching up with things”

  1. Hi, Richard! You’ve been super busy and your vacation photos are splendid! Thank you for sharing them and for taking time out of your schedule to read and write book reviews. They are much appreciated. Eagerly awaiting “Scenes from a Life”–

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