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This week I have written another guest article for Erin Eymard’s interesting and wide-ranging blog, The Bookworm’s Fancy. This time it is about a book I have just finished reading, The Bone Thief by V.M. Whitworth. It’s a tale set in tenth century England, and to read what I thought about it you can hop over to and find out! You’ll also discover why this picture has been included…

Erin has also kindly agreed to write something for this blog in a little while, so keep a look out for a different contributing voice…

Other news… I am gradually going around all of the various sites where my books are listed, and filling in details about The Lady of the Lions. This could not be described as the most interesting thing to do, but it does provide a sense of completion.

I am still grappling with epub format, having briefly experimented with several stand-alone or online converters, and not been happy with any of them. So far as I can tell they all do something that I don’t want. Either the cover is messed up, or the html contents table, or the built in ncx navigation. One of them carefully included all my images as hugely long blocks of text, presumably deciding that they were media type text/html rather than image/jpeg or image/png. Not what I wanted at all… So when the time comes to distribute in this format I think that I shall just go back to first principles and do it from scratch.

And I shall also be getting back to grips with Scenes from a Life – one chapter is completely unstarted, and my target for April is to have a first draft ready. Then there’s “just” (haha) the process of finding out where things are ragged around the edges, and then the process of editing…


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