Another Alexa skill – Grasmere Brewery

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Grasmere Brewery Alexa Icon
Grasmere Brewery Alexa Icon

Another of my Alexa skills has gone live – Grasmere Brewery, to be found at – UK only at present but rest of world to follow in a few days. Here’s the skill description…
“In this skill you can find out about Grasmere Brewery – where we are, and the range of beers we make, together with a selection of fun and interesting facts. We don’t sell our beers through Alexa, but you can find out how to buy them here. As with all alcohol products, we urge you to enjoy our beers responsibly.”

***Stop Press***

To my surprise, the skill has already gone live at other international Alexa market places – US, CA, AU, NZ, IN – as well as UK. I thought it would take a bit longer than this!

For example the US link is

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