A good start for Timing

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Timing Kindle cover
Timing Kindle cover

Only a short blog this week as lots of other things are pressing in… and it’s all about Timing.

First, paperback copies are now available to go alongside Kindle ones, and Amazon (USUK and anywhere else) have joined it all up so you can find the different formats easily.

Then The Book Depository is now stocking it, which is good because they do world-wide free delivery. So if you’re not an Amazon Prime customer, or you live somewhere where Amazon charge for delivery, this is an option.

Finally (for today) the first review is now in, at the Breakfast With Pandora blog. Among other nice things, the review says

So here he is, Mit, a dashing yet ethical nerd, threading his way through entanglements virtual, emotional, and both at the same time, while hunting down the shadowy anarchist group “Robin’s Rebels” and sending down versions of new software written on the fly to his superiors, with the obligatory “interim release note.”

It’s all in the timing, and it’s a grand time…

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