Review: Fargoer – On Treacherous Ground

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This week I posted up in Goodreads a review of the last full episode in the Fargoer cycle – On Treacherous Ground. There is also an epilogue which closes off the cycle, available as a conclusion to the whole novel but not (so far at least) as a stand-alone item. The review can be found at, though not on Amazon yet as the separate story is not yet there.

In exciting news for Fargoer, and its author Petteri Hannila, the collection is being released as a complete novel shortly – on Amazon the paperback version can be found already with a quick search, alongside the separate episodes. Long term blog readers well know that I am very enthusiastic about Fargoer, and so I very much hope that this new move will bring the series wider recognition. There is a Goodreads launch event this weekend.

Other news – well, I am heavily involved in editing The Lady of the Lions, which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. The story itself is not quite finished, though very nearly so, and there is a reasonable chance that it will go live as a kindle download by Eastertime. More news – naturally – as and when it gets closer.

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