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Amazon Countdown Deals

Cover - The Flame Before Us
Cover – The Flame Before Us

I am running an Amazon ‘Countdown’ deal on both The Flame Before Us and Scenes from a Life!

The deal is available on both books from Saturday August 8th up until Thursday August 13th, at whatever time of day Amazon sees fit.

Cover - Scenes from a Life
Cover – Scenes from a Life

In both cases the price starts at £0.99 or $0.99 and increases up to the normal price of £2.39 or $3.25 in increments.

As you would expect, you need to buy earlier in the time period in order to get the books at a cheaper rate.

Meanwhile, if you have enjoyed the series of character interviews (which is not yet finished) then you can have your very own kindle or epub versions, available as free downloads from I will be uploading the mobi and epub versions to other sites in time – for the moment leanpub is the only place they are available.


A quick weekend reminder that not only is The Flame Before Us now available, but there’s a countdown offer on Scenes From a Life for the next few days (UK and US Amazon stores only). Prices began at £0.99 / $0.99 and rise periodically through the course of a week to their normal values.

Cover - The Flame Before Us
The Flame Before Us
Cover - Scenes From a Life
Scenes From a Life